What I Love About Weightlifting

I started off my week on the right foot this morning with a great lower body and ab workout, as well as 20 minutes of cardio!

At my last competition I was told that my weakest area was my lower body (and I can’t disagree with that assessment), as it is for many women I imagine!  With that in mind I have been doing a lot of exercises for the glutes and hamstrings and I think I have improved quite a bit from last year.  Now all that remains is to lose the last bit of fat to reveal all my hard work! 😀

I love weightlifting because it is so challenging yet so rewarding. It never seems to get any easier, but somehow I keep getting stronger and making improvements where I never thought I could.  It’s not even about lifting heavier than everyone else or having a better body than other people. It’s about the mental and physical strength that I gain from pushing  myself through difficulties. And this carries over into other areas of my life!  It definitely improves my mental health and my self-esteem.  It makes me want to feed my body with healthy foods and eat less junk.  And best of all it makes my three sons proud to see their mom being strong and taking care of herself.  I’m not such a pushover which is pretty important when you have three teenage sons in the house!

Thanks for reading!


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