A Great Workout

I did upper body and abs today, and then 20 minutes of cardio on the step machine!  I felt pretty tired today but I got it done!

I look a little grumpy in this pic but I actually had a really great workout!

People at the gym have started noticing that I am losing weight. I do like compliments but the attention also makes me a bit uncomfortable.  My coach always tells me not to get too attached to what people say, whether it’s good or bad.  When you are a competitor you get a lot of comments, some good and some negative, and you need to learn to keep going and not worry about what others think.  I have had people tell me that I am too lean and I looked better when I was bigger – then turn around a week later and ask me what my diet is because they want to lose fat!   Today I had a guy blatantly tell me that he was checking out my glutes and they look amazing lol!!

But I am also lucky that there are a lot of friendly, smart, confident women at my gym and we try to motivate each other. I also have a lot of support from my family, which is very important!  There are days when I want to eat everything in sight and my husband will make me a lovely salad or grill me some meat and then I feel much better!  My coach is also really amazing. I know that I can call or text him any time when I need help or support.

I’m just taking it one day at a time until I reach my goal!!


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