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Progress Update

Hello readers!

I haven’t posted in a while so I would like to give an update as to what’s going on in my fit life!

For the first three months of this year I was preparing for my fourth bikini competition.  Everything was going well until around mid March when I seemed to hit a plateau.  Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.  I was finding the diet difficult, and although I stayed on track quite well with it I was finding myself resisting it more and more every day.  I began to feel very tired during my workouts as well, beyond the normal competition fatigue.  I didn’t like the way my body was leaning out; at times it seemed like I was getting skinnier but losing too much muscle.  I was feeling depressed and depleted.  I love to compete for the challenge and excitement, but when it becomes such a miserable chore it is not worth it any more.

So my coach and I decided that I should take a break for a few weeks, and then think about doing a competition this summer instead.  Now taking a break does not mean pigging out and skipping my training!  We actually added back a lot of healthy carbs and reduced my cardio.  Because of this I have been able to lift heavier again, and my muscles are fuller now.  We are working on improving areas of my lower body that still need work as well.

I am feeling much better physically and I am enjoying the extra food.  As of right now we are considering doing a competition in mid July.  I will have time to lean out more slowly and hopefully keep more of my hard-earned muscle mass!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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