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New Goals

I have always enjoyed reading anything and everything relating to health and fitness and I have recently picked up a great book by Joyce Meyer called Good Health, Good Life.  In it she states,

“The best things in life take time to grow, to develop, and to become established.  Your personal health is one of these things.  It’s an ongoing project, something you will need to be attentive to for the rest of your life.”

I think for all of us this is an important reminder.  As a bikini competitor, it is easy to eat healthy and work out during the competition season and then let things go during the “off-season”.  Although I have kept up my workouts in the last 7 weeks post competition, after my birthday last week I started to feel that my eating was getting out of control.  As a result my weight has gone up a few pounds past my “comfortable weight range”!


So, while my sister and Mom were in town visiting me for my birthday we came up with our own personal health and fitness goals that we will stick to over the next few months!  We support and motivate each other through thick and thin so I think this is going to be so much fun!  My goals are as follows:

  • Continue with my weight training and cardio 5-6 days per week,
  • Keep track of my macros, and
  • Give up sugar!

Over the last few weeks my sugar and processed carb intake has slowly started creeping up to the point where I feel it could be very difficult to give it up.  Which means that it is definitely time to give it up!


I also find that when I eat healthy my allergies and asthma are much better.  I really believe that health and fitness is a lifestyle and not just a short-term effort!  I will be keeping track of my macros with the Loseit app.  I intend to keep my weight down over the winter and not gain 10 lbs like I usually do! 😀

Thanks for reading and have a happy healthy day.



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