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Finding the Right Healthy Lifestyle for You

“Find what you’re good at, and do a lot of it.” – Joyce Meyer

I believe that we have a duty to share with the world those parts of ourselves that are  beautiful. Not necessarily our appearance, but our character and spirit. Whether it is something creative or something else entirely that benefits people, I believe that our passions and strengths should be brought to life and not hidden. As for me, I love to share with others my passion for fitness.

But for so long I felt that I had nothing valuable to share because I did not feel that I fit in perfectly with any group of fitness minded people.  As a bikini competitor I often felt different because my diet and training was not like my teammates.  Believe it or not I often felt that I must be doing something wrong because I could not have pop tarts or cheat meals in my diet like other competitors.  I love learning about nutrition as well but I have rarely followed one particular diet for very long.  I tend to gravitate towards a low carb way of eating because it feels right for my body, but I also enjoy a great pizza or some ice cream.

It took me a long, long time to realize that we do not have to squeeze ourselves into a one-size-fits-all diet or training box.  I used to feel guilty if I was trying to eat low carb but then succumbed to a scrumptious plate of rice or a heavenly bowl of strawberries drizzled with melted dark chocolate.  And it took me many years to accept that as a competitor I am very lean for stage but I am not shredded year round like other women.  I have a passion for competing but I choose not to diet year round.

And you know what I realized?  Things fall into place when you do what works for you and your body.  There are so many ways for each of us to find our path to health and fitness.  Other than the basics, such as reducing or eliminating processed foods as much as possible, and increasing our consumption of healthy whole foods in their natural state, everything else can be decided by YOU. Some people thrive with more meat, some with less. Many people do well with unprocessed carbs in their diet and others do not and must keep them low. Same goes for fat. Some people love a higher fat diet but others don’t.  The surest way to reach our goals is to be consistent over time. If we hate what we are doing, or are doing something just to fit in, how can we possibly maintain that for the long haul?

It’s important that we find what is good for us and do more of that.  I remember reading something great that Mark Sisson posted recently.  He said that we have an obligation to our loved ones to not only be healthy, but to enjoy the journey to health as well.  We shouldn’t be miserable trying to force ourselves to stick to a diet or fitness plan that does not suit us. It needs to be something we love and look forward to.

When we find our own healthstyle then we can truly begin to thrive!

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