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Finding Meaning in Your Fitness Journey

“The fruit of your life cannot be any greater than what you believe you are”. – Joyce Meyer

It is true that we need to start our fitness journey for our own reasons, and we need to do it for ourselves and not for anyone else.  But there are times when doing it with others in mind can actually be beneficial.  For many busy moms and dads finding “me” time to go to the gym can feel downright selfish.  So if we can reframe our perception we will realize that although it may feel selfish at first, taking care of our health is the greatest thing we can do for our loved ones!  Finding a deeper purpose to our journey can give new meaning and inspire a deeper commitment to our health goals.  It also allows us to be kinder and more forgiving to ourselves when we slip backwards on our journey because we know deep down that we are in it for the long haul.

For those times when you don’t feel like doing your exercise or you’d rather swing by the drive thru than cook a healthy meal, having a deeper reason for sticking to your goals can have a huge impact on your decision-making over the long-term. Sometimes the desire to fit into a smaller pair of jeans or to get flat abs just isn’t enough to get us to say no to the baked goods at the office on a hectic day.  Below are a few of my favourite motivations for staying in shape.  Please share if you have any of your own!

I want to be healthy and fit…

  1. To be an example for my children. I want to show my teenage sons that when I set my mind on something I don’t give up until I accomplish it. I can talk all I want to them about putting in consistent effort and hard work, but unless I actually show them through my actions I don’t think it would have much of an impact on them.
  2. To prove to myself that I can set goals and stick to them. This is very empowering. It builds trust in your word.  For yourself and for others.  Learn to trust yourself when you make a decision to get healthy that you will follow through until the end.
  3. To give my health the priority it deserves in my life.  I have suffered from asthma for many years and I’ve come to realize that how I eat has a profound impact on my symptoms.  Sometimes hitting the bottom healthwise is the motivation people need to get fit.  It often takes a serious health scare to spur people into action, but once they get going there is no stopping them. They’ve reached the bottom and they never want to be there again.  They realize that their loved ones want them around for a very long time and it spurs them into action.
  4. To motivate, help, and inspire others along the way.  One of my favourite things is when people approach me asking for advice or help in getting fit!  I really love motivating people, and if my story can help people then I am happy to share it.  My sisters and mom and I are always there for each other to help motivate and inspire each other!  I like knowing that I am always there for them when they need me and vice versa.  I couldn’t do it without them.
  5. To be at my best and to live my best life in every way, not just for myself but for everyone around me who cares about me.  I want to wake up every day and give the people in my life the very best of myself.  I want to be fit and active and to glow with health. I want to cook fresh natural foods and train with my sons at the gym or walk with them in the park.  I want to keep learning new things, to keep challenging myself, and most of all, I want to never, ever give up.  This is what keeps me going, my deeper meaning.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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